First and foremost, this is an unproven method of choosing when to enter and exit a position. Since back-testing is used to produce the models future results may not reflect or produce expected returns.


Financial Model Is Bearish

As expected the primary Financial model went bearish this afternoon before the close. As such I paper traded and sold FAS at the close, see "What If" page for paper trading results. I say "expected" because the secondary model for Financials went bearish yesterday.

So the score stands 8 bears - 2 bulls. 

----------B U L L   I N D I C A T O R S--------------

     Small Caps based on TNA. 
     Biotechnology, represented by BIB 

----------- Remaining B E A R S-------------- 

    Mid Caps based on MIDU. 
    Finance, based on FAS. 
    Energy, based on ERX. 
    Real Estate, based on DRN. 
    SP 500, based on SPXL. 
    Technology, based on TECL . 
    Basic Materials, based on MATL. 
    Retail, based on RETL.

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